Links to Download full text of publications (pdf from arXiv):

Protecting quantum memories using coherent parity check codes

Quantum search with hybrid adiabatic-quantum walk algorithms and realistic noise

Coherent Parity Check Construction for Quantum Error Correction (Publically available programs for making CPC codes)

Quantum walk transport properties on graphene structures

Modernizing Quantum Annealing II: Genetic Algorithms and Inference

Modernizing Quantum Annealing using Local Searches (JQC news Item )

Experimental Freezing of mid-Evolution Fluctuations with a Programmable Annealer

A Direct Mapping of Max k-SAT and High Order Parity Checks to a Chimera Graph

Circuit design for multi-body interactions in superconducting quantum annealing system with applications to a scalable architecture (LCN research highlight) (IP investment opportunity)

Maximum-Entropy Inference with a Programmable Annealer (LCN research highlight)

Pfaffian-like Ground State for Bosonic Atoms and Molecutles in 1D Optical Lattices

Interaction-induced Anomalous Quantum Hall State on the Honeycomb Lattice

Quantification and Control of non-Markovian Evolution in Finite Quantum Systems via Feedback

Using the J1-J2 Quantum Spin Chain as an Adiabatic Quantum Data Bus

Propagation of Disturbances in Degenerate Quantum Systems

Experimental Signature of Programmable Quantum Annealing

Local Quenches in Frustrated Quantum Spin Chains: Global vs. Subsystem Equilibration

Non-Markovian Equilibration Described by Symmetry Breaking

Scalable Universal Holonomic Quantum Computation Realized with an Adiabatic Quantum Data Bus and Potential Implementation Using Superconducting Flux Qubits

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