Free Software I Have Found to Be Useful: 

I am very much a fan of free software (by which I mean software I can legally obtain and/or use without paying for) I am an even bigger fan of open source software (although not all of these links are to open source programs). I have noticed that a lot of the time a challenge with using free software is finding it in the first place, and for that reason I have compiled a list of links and brief descriptions of things I have found useful. Some names used here may be trademarks of their respective owners.
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This free vector graphics package has been a lifesaver more times than I can count. I use it pretty much exclusively to produce drawings to demonstrate things for papers.

GNU Octave:

Has most of the same functionality as Matlab, but is available for free. Has proven very useful for my netbook where I do not have Matlab installed.


This image manipulation program has proven very useful on many occasions. I very often use it for resizing and cropping images before putting them into a paper.


A high level program for creating LaTeX documents. I have found this very useful for writing longer documents without having to remember all of the LaTeX commands. It has a very intuitive interface and is nice especially for someone who is just starting with LaTeX.


A lower level LaTeX editing program for editing the code directly. I have found this very useful in some cases, I find that it is useful to have both a lower level program for editing the code directly as well as a higher level program such as LYX.


A very nice program for graphically exploring the universe of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. I haven't found much use for it professionally, but it is a lot of fun to use.


A web design program which is intuitive and easy to use, and allows you to easily edit the html code directly if necessary. This is the program I used to create this webpage.

Wolfram Alpha:

A website which allows one to do similar mathematical calculations to what Wolfram Mathematica can do, but for free. The calculations time out, so this cannot be used for heavy computation, but I have found it very nice if one uses it as a more powerful graphing calculator. It is also very useful for explain things to students.

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